‘Breaking Dawn’ Sneak Peek: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Waterfall Kiss

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Two new Breaking Dawn clips, to be released next week, show sneak peeks of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing, honeymoon style, in a waterfall, in the bedroom, and pretty much everywhere on the Brazilian island. These are the clips that fans have been waiting for: hot honeymoon sex, reveals Hollywood Life. Well, hints of such, anyway. They won’t give it all away.

Just asking Bella if she wants to go for a swim—such passion. Such Robert Pattinson intensity! She says yes, of course—such Kristen Stewart determination—and heads off to change. Change? Clothes go flying.

Every fan who has read the book knows there is a lot of angst-filled sex early on in Breaking Dawn. Bella gets bruised, and Edward feels guilty. Is that before or after he breaks the bed? This is the stuff designed to have teenagers standing in line. Okay, everybody standing in long ticket lines. So far, it’s all working out.

The second clip has less kissing and more action—aimed at Team Jacob, the Taylor Lautner fans. These scenes feature wolf pack activity—of which Breaking Dawn has plenty.

The hype is heating up. Stay tuned.

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