‘Breaking Dawn’ Star Required to Go Shirtless! Robert Pattinson?

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A certain Breaking Dawn hunk has revealed he’s obligated to go shirtless and bare his six-pack, but it’s not Robert Pattinson! The Twilight hearththrob is instead Kellan Lutz, who doesn’t have a cool on and off-screen girlfriend like R-Patz’s Kristen Stewart, but he does have a hot body (and apparently a playful side, too).

Lutz, 26, humorously revealed to the Daily Front Row, “Well, contractually in every role that I do, I must be topless. Immortals is coming out soon and a lot of us Greek gods are topless and in super sexy skirts! I also have a little topless shower scene in Syrup.”

Kellan Lutz may be kidding about his topless contract, but one thing he’s serious about is that physique. He might not boast the overwhelming fan base or popularity of a Robert Pattinson or even a Taylor Lautner, so perhaps he’s overcompensating by focusing on his chiseled upper half. And, it looks like it’s all paying off, what with his upcoming flicks.

Lutz has to be disciplined when it comes to working up a sweat, but he recently proved he’s not always a diehard gym rat—he can loosen up a bit and have some fun, while getting even more ripped! Case in point? On Wednesday, Celebuzz spotted a stripped-down Lutz at the beach showing off his impressive gymnastics and strength skills, as he took a few turns on some playground rings.

Work hard, play hard. After all, he’s “contractually obligated” to stay shirtless and jacked! Well, at least Robert Pattinson knows where to turn, should he ever sign a similar contract and need to bulk up for future film roles.

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