‘Breaking Dawn’s’ Dakota Fanning graduates high school!

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Breaking Dawn actress Dakota Fanning has graduated from high school! If you think back to just a few years ago, she was sitting across from Ellen DeGeneres giving the cutest little interview ever! Now, she’s all grown up, and wearing a cap and gown to prove it!
Dakota Fanning Push Premiere
“The veteran child actress, now 17, attended her high school graduation ceremony with her classmates from North Hollywood private school Campbell Hall,” reports Us Weekly. Fanning was always very keen on school, and it was important to her that she complete her education. By studying between takes, getting private tutoring, and staying focused she was able to complete high school – and graduate like a “normal” kid!

It’s hard to believe that she’s completed high school. It’s a real accomplishment and something that she should be proud of. Many celebrities leave education in the dust when they become famous, mainly because they don’t have the time. However, Fanning stayed dedicated and her hard work paid off!

Congratulations Dakota!

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