Breaking Dawn’s Kristen Stewart Turned Down 21st Birthday Celebration

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Kristen Stewart turned 21 last spring. However, unlike most people who want to celebrate that milestone, she tried to under play her big day. Why?

It’s because Kristen’s birthday got linked with the wrap part for ‘Breaking Dawn’. The brunette beauty felt the emphasis belonged there and not her birthday. According to a source, “there was a huge cake for her, but she didn’t want it to be about her birthday,” said Julia Jones. “She wanted it to be about the wrap party.”

So, at first, they didn’t even bring out the cake. The party focused on the end of a very successful movie instead. But her co-stars were willing to share their joy with Kristen Stewart and finally demanded the cake’s appearance.

Jones admits that Stewart finally decided to go with the flow. She believes Kristen just didn’t want to deflect attention toward her. Jones said, “I’m shy about my birthday also.”

Julia probably hit the nail on the head. Kristen Stewart is modest and rather unassuming. She’s always felt odd about all the attention she’s received since beginning the Twilight franchise. She probably felt the wrap party belonged to everyone involved in the film and not just singling her out. That’s very commendable!

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