Breaking News: Ashton Kutcher ‘Cheats’ on Demi Moore with Sara Leal (The Dirty)

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Is Ashton Kutcher taking his new role too seriously? After getting decent reviews for taking over Two And A Half Men, Kutcher has been in the press a lot more lately. But one story that pops up frequently is the state of Ashton’s marriage with Demi Moore. Is it real? Are they happy? Is it wide open? Does anybody really care?

Apparently there is one fan who’s heartbroken enough to be shattered by the rumor that Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife over the weekend with aspiring actress and director Sara Leal.

According to The Dirty, an unidentified woman who is a staffer at Sting magazine claims she’s friends with Sara Leal and got the scoop after a late night tryst between Kutcher and Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Saturday night.

Of course, any time a person decides not to reveal their identity in a story like this the source has to be viewed sceptically. But rumors about Moore and her much younger husband have been floating around since the day they tied the knot.

The article has an editor’s note reporting Leal is shopping the details for $250,000. She may have to settle for less. Something she’s probably used to already…

Demi Moore raised some eyebrows two weeks ago when she tweeted a pic of her naked back in a mirror. The metaphor being “you have to watch your own back” it’s being looked upon as a warning shot across Kutcher’s bow. Maybe she knew something was up?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned…

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