Breaking News: Britney Spears Accused of Harassment and Abuse

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Just when you think Britney Spears has cleaned up her act and all is well in the world, a new story breaks. This is one whopper of a story though. Britney Spears is being charged with a serious of allegations from a former bodyguard. Fernando Flores is said to be ready to file a lawsuit in a court in Los Angeles today with a series of claims against the pop star.

Everything from sexual harassment to abuse of her two small boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, has been mentioned in the lawsuit, which has been obtained by TMZ. Flores mentions an incident in which Spears asked for his belt. Once it was given to her by the bodyguard, it was then used on son Sean Preston. Flores described the incident as follows: “Defendant Spears immediately ran back towards her house screaming ‘Preston.’ She entered the residence through two French doors on the north side. Plaintiff exited the pool house, hearing Sean Preston screaming in terror and pain, and saw Defendant Spears at least twice savagely hitting the small child with Plaintiff’s belt.”

Sounds horrific, but that is not all! She is also being accused of making both of her sons eat crab meat until they became sick, even though both are known to be allergic to seafood. She also is said to have intimate relations in front of her two boys. The allegations don’t end there! The pop princess is also being accused of sexual harassment by the former bodyguard. She is said to have made several advances towards the man, and she also exposed herself and her body to him on several occasions.

Oh, Britney! Say it isn’t so! It looked like she was doing so much better the last year or so, but was that all a lie? Did Britney Spears abuse her two young sons and make unwanted advances towards Fernando Flores, her one time bodyguard? What do you think? This story is still developing. If updates are needed, they will be found in the comments below! For the latest in celebrity news, go here.

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