Breaking News: Delay To Quit Dancing With The Stars

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This bit of gossip just in courtesy of E Online. Apparently, one of the contestants of the show is planning to leave the series on his own without being voted off. That man is former Republican congressman Tom Delay. Apparently the man has been dancing against the advice of his doctors.

The sixty-two year old man has been feeling pain since before this current season of Dancing With The Stars began. On last night’s episode, he danced a samba with his partner Cheryl Burke, but he was advised not to do so before going on air by doctors on the producers for Dancing With The Stars. He only made his injuries worse apparently.

Delay isn’t the first celebrity dancer to leave the series due to injury. Last season, we saw the exit of Jewel before the season started, and Nancy O’Dell also had to leave the series during her time as well. Dancing is not easy work!

Will he leave the series? We will find out more tonight. Since this is a breaking news story, I’ll have more as it becomes available here on this post!

EDIT @ 9:30pm PST. As it turns out, Tom Delay did leave on tonight’s show, and Debit Mazar was eliminated. There is video of him leaving here. Apparently, Delay suffered from stress fractures that made it impossible to continue on dancing in the series.

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