Breaking News: North Korea bombs South for the second time. Is war closer?

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North Korea has launched a second artillery attack on South Korea, according to the Associated Press, occurring hours after North Korea threatened war if the US and South Korea continue as planned with the military exercises.

This attack is less than three days after N Korea’s first attack November 23rd on Yeonpyeong island, one of the Inchon islands in South Korea, near North Korea.

New artillery shots were heard on Friday afternoon on Yeonpyeong Island, and occurred soon after a US General toured the island.

The Associated Press report stated that the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that sources heard new artillery rounds fired on the island, which sits about 12 Km or seven miles from North Korea.

No immediate reports of danger have been filed, as of this writing.

North Korean officials on Friday morning threatened war if the US and South Korean military exercises continued as planned.

On November 23rd, the US decided to send naval ships and the USS George Washington aircraft carrier for military exercises.

Photo: Inchon Islands


Do you think North Korea will follow through on its threats of war? Or, do you think N. Korea’s bombing and threats are a show for the heir apparent?

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