Breastfeeding and Other Worries

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You know, I thought after having breastfed my first daughter, I wouldn’t have any problems with my second–especially not after she latched on so well the very first time she tried. As one of my friends said about her second child, she practically came out of the womb ready to suck.

As the weeks have crept by, however, I find that I’m attacked by doubts–many of them the exact same doubts I had with my first! Am I keeping her on long enough? Should I be doing both sides or only one? How long can I really go between feedings? Is my diet okay?

One thing I’m not worried about is her weight gain–she gained two pounds in her first three weeks!

I’m slowly working through matters. I figured out today that she empties one breast in about 5-7 minutes (fast eater!), so there’s not much point in trying to force her to stay on for 10-15. Up until today I was doing both sides at every feeding, and letting her go up to 4 1/2 hours between, but she’s been awake (and unhappy) from 5-10 pm for the past two nights, and I think it might be because I’ve let her nap more during the early part of the day, so today I cut back to only one side per feeding, and not going more than 3 1/2 hours between. She seems content with that–we’ll see what happens tonight!

I’m wondering what other things I learned with my first daughter that I’ll have to relearn with Carys. Do all mothers obsessively worry about whether they’re doing the right thing for their babies, or is it just me? If I recall correctly, it gets slightly better after the first six weeks, when the hormones start to settle, but still. I’ve already had one baby, I shouldn’t be worrying about things like sleep and feedings!

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