Breastfeeding and Pornography

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Another friend on Gather had posted this article recently. I posted the article at, and it was pretty popular, I actually won $20 amazon credit for posting this topic of discussion. (I took a screen shot and attached it in the photo section :D)

Here’s my response and some other people’s responses to the article:


This is really sad and frustrating.
These are some of the benefits of breastfeeding:

For the mom – decreased weight (takes 1000 calories to create breast milk), increase bondage with child, contracts uterus (which prevents hemorrhage) with the oxytocin released, increased bone density, decreased chances of getting breast cancer, etc.
For the infant – increased immunity, increased IQ, decreased chance of getting several diseases: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.

How ignorant can the law, or the society be? The picture could be showing the bondage between the mom and the child, the love that goes in the act of breast feeding. Many moms might have experienced the soreness of the nipple from breast feeding, give up some of their work/social life so they can stay at home to feed the baby more. There’s a lot a mother has to go through to make sure the baby is well fed (it should be noted that formula does not substitute the benefits of breast milk, in fact, it is frequently found that formulas contain ingredients that are harmful to the baby, or sometimes, it’s not a pure ingredient.)

There is no way breastfeeding could be considered child abuse, the amount of love and care that goes into breastfeeding should be looked up upon… as advance as our technology and medicine is in the United States, we are certainly lacking awareness and knowledge culturally and, I suppose, medically.

Meg L:

La Leche League should come and beat those idiots ass !

I agree with you Amy this whole story is like spitting on the fight to get women to breastfeed their babies . So frustratingly dumb that i cant even type .I mean that could have been my mom or someone i know . Who doesnt have naked baby pics ? My brothers are especially hilarious ! I understand that nowadays you must take pro caution with creepy dudes all over the news each week but after they saw the woman intent was harmless ,,, FEEDING HER CHILD they should have let her go . Those police officers should be ashamed of themselves . I think it had to do with her being an immigrant more then anything ,,,uhggh ,,,, :(

Amanda E:

No way!

This is definitely wrong. These pictures were not taken in a pornographic way; they weren’t meant to stimulate anyone’s libido. They were just pictures of a natural process. What, are we going to start charging National Geographic for what they print now? This is crazy. The law is definitely in the wrong in this situation.

Diana B:

I think that’s ridiculous

How absurd that a woman should be punished and alienated for nourishing her own baby! It’s ridiculous how much breastfeeding is ostracized when it’s really the best option for the baby. People should take a good, hard look at themselves before they say something this stupid and disgusting.

Stephen B:

yes wow, but…

First of all I would like to say that I don’t think this woman has done anything wrong; however, the woman wasn’t charged for breastfeeding her child, she is charged for taking photos of it (along with photos of her children naked in the bath tub).

The argument in this discussion should be whether or not taking pictures of your own infants nude should be considered child pornography, not whether breastfeeding should take place.

Again, I am NOT saying that this woman was wrong in what she did…my parents have pictures of me in the bath tub when I was a little kid too.

I was wondering what you all thought of the article? What are your experiences with breastfeeding (in public)? How long did you breastfeed? (And fathers should play a huge supporting role as well, so this question is not just for the moms out there.)

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