Breasts Cancer

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         The abnormal growth of cells in the body is called cancer and this abnormal growth of cells in the breasts is called "Breasts Cancer". Breasts Cancer is a harmful disease. It is spreading in women rapidly. It came to know through a report that in every nine American women a woman is suffering from breasts cancer.


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          The collection of mammary glands and fatty tissues located between the chest wall and the skin is called breasts. When a woman becomes mother mammary glands produce milk inside the breasts. The second word use for glands is lobule. The collection of many lobules creates a lobe. Each breast consists about 10 to 20 lobules. The milk from mammary glands reach to the nipple from ducts. The size of glands and ducts increase when breasts fills with milk, but the fatty tissues are more responsible for the shape and size of breasts. Breasts contain blood vessels and lymph vessels too.

 <b> DETECTION: </b>

            As earlier you will find breast cancer in you, the better will chances of recovering successfully. Breast cancer does not have any symptom in its earlier stage. So, it is better that you should go for your checkup to your doctor at least once a year. But any other time, u feel a symptom e.g. a lump, nipple discharge, or changes in the skin such as redness or skin retraction, report this immediately to your doctor. The doctor will examine your breasts carefully and will ask few questions to u that when did u feel the symptom or change first time. And after taking complete information, your doctor will u check you briefly and if felt need of ultrasound he will tell you about this. Under the guidance of your doctor, you can recover and again become active and healthy.

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