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there is a day ahead

awaiting you and me

when we will ascend the mountain of bliss again

we look forward to the ascent ~

we will sweat and strive

release all our pent-up longing

to the task

the peak is high

so beautiful the vistas there

that we have seen

savored the breathless thrill to our climb as much

as the summit itself

the taste of perfect harmony

two souls giving ~ taking ~

yielding completely ~

blessing each other with our lust ~

our love ~ our lives ~

we have everything we need ~

our dreams ~ desires ~ expectations ~

our will

we will dare, holding nothing back

the climb will be glorious

the crags are steep

but we climb together

and together, we are thrilling

to summit again is our wish ~

for you are my dream ~ day or night

and I am yours

we will do what we will

spend and be spent

to summit and summit again, if we wish ~

and again, if we can ~

nothing can surpass the view we share ~

the world’s so far away

there’s be just you and me ~

two pounding hearts

and a shared passion

for the climb

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