Brenda Song Pregnant for Trace Cyrus Not All ‘Suite Life’ Facebook Says

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News that Brenda Song was pregnant for Trace Cyrus did not all bode well for all Facebook readers, shocked that Miley Cyrus’ brother and the Suite Life star were even dating.

Sure, it’s shocking that the duo are dating, but stranger things have happened. The only thing that matters is that a couple is supposedly in love and is expecting a child—according to the prevailing rumor. And what are some readers saying about Miley Cy’s brother and London Tipton?

BrendaSongMay09Celebuzz reports the result of a Facebook query it took about the news heard from around the world, err, Internet that is.

Here are just a few of two-cents readers offered about Brenda Song being pregnant for Trace Cyrus:

Diantha O: “They were dating?” Without all the attention on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, and the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries — who knew?

Gabriela R. had this to say: “WTF?! :-o when did that happen?!” Okay, say what you really feel, Gabby.

Drisha J got to the point, albeit a bit on the cryptic side: “Oh… Wow!!! ;O Thats All That I Can Say !” Enough said; Roger that, Drish.

And Rose Z. said it poignantly: “wow, they don’t even seem suited 2 each other, i guess opposites 2 attract!…..”

One person even said that T-Cy looks like Mick Jagger. What were they really saying? Was it a shot or a compliment? Who wouldn’t want to go to a “Stones” concert, right?

Anyway, the fact that Brenda Song is pregnant for Trace Cyrus is beside the point. In Hollywood, this type of thing happens almost daily about celeb babies and baby bumps.

The jury is out—and may never return—about whether or not getting knocked up at a certain age is outlandish. There are a lot of 30 and 40-something-year-olds that get pregnant and turn out to be the worst examples of parents.

Give the couple credit; they seem to be in love. That’s half the battle for an arriving child. The other is giving them a good home and a village to raise them.

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