Brenda Song Pregnant with Trace Cyrus’ Baby? Twitter Goes Nuts

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Is Disney Channel star Brenda Song pregnant? And is Trace Cyrus (Miley’s older brother) the father? Before fans lose their collective minds, calm down: This is only a Twitter rumor. At the moment, there’s no confirmation from Brenda and/or Trace. And it’s probably not true. Still, that doesn’t stop the rumor-mongers, now does it?

File:BrendaSongMay09.jpgTwitter can be a great source of “breaking” information, but it can also fuel some nasty rumors. The Brenda Song pregnancy story is a perfect example. She’s probably not pregnant at all. If she is, the world will find out from Song’s rep – not on Twitter. Hopefully.

Even Lord Voldemort got in on the trend today, as Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus trended wildly on Twitter. User @Lord_Voldemort7 was quick to point out that “The Social Network actress Brenda Song is pregnant and people are finding out about it on twitter,” adding that the “news” is “Yet another blow to Mark Zuckerburg.” Yes, the jokes were rocketing around the Twitterverse at light speed. Some users, like @Cassandra_ofwg, seemed excited at the possibility that Miley Cyrus would be an aunt.

All of this, remember, without a single shred of evidence. Is Brenda Song really preggers? Fans will find out soon enough. Either way, enough with the Twitter craziness!

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