Bret Michaels Denies Tish Cyrus Affair: Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce Controversy Origin Unknown

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Bret Michaels went on Fox & Friends to deny the Tish Cyrus affair. Michaels stated Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus’ divorce was not due to him. Bret said the whole “Cyrus controversy” started because Tish liked Nothing to Lose (Featuring Miley Cyrus) (Country Version)“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and they wanted to remake it for Miley Cyrus’ new record. The entire affair was dreamt up because of the time he spent with the Cyrus family but was not true.

Bret Michaels didn’t waver in his denial of the affair while on Fox & Friends. Michaels remained steadfast in stating that Tish Cyrus and he were nothing more than acquaintances; friends at the most. The origin of Billy Ray Cyrus’ achy breaky heart was unknown to Michaels but a “Bret, Tish” affair was certainly not to blame. Bret Michaels has been rocking out with his roses out to all the ladies for decades but Tish Cyrus was a not one of his conquest.

Bret Michaels said, “I’ve been friends with her family forever. It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together. Her mom, Tish, likes ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn,’ the first concert Miley ever saw was Poison, and so they wanted to remake it for the new record. When I was in the studio, Miley came in and sang on my song and honestly, she did a beautiful job and that was it. And then they started with all that controversy.”

Man! Was Bret Michaels right about all the controversy! One really has to wonder how Billy Ray Cyrus feels about this. If there was no affair then Billy Ray may be wondering if there ever was one thanks to all the crazy affair rumors. It’s enough to drive any person mad! For her part, Tish Cyrus has also stated her upcoming divorce had nothing to do with Bret Michaels. Tish also completely denied affair rumors.

Now then ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the streets of Hollyweird! The strange and perverse underlying world of fame where celebrity friends are twisted into lovers and the straight are rumored to be gay. The gossip wheel never gets a break and the pretty are mostly plastic on the outside or just fake on the inside. Isn’t Hollywood the best place to work, live, eat, breath and breed? No! It’s modern day’s version of the Devil’s playground because you get the good and the bad and the bad will consume you then spit you out. It really sucks a lot if you aren’t grounded and unfortunately, most people aren’t grounded.


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