Bret Michaels’ Heart Surgery set – Back in the Hospital come 2011 – What Happened?

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Bret Michaels, rock star and groupie king will undergo heart surgery in Januray of 2011. Michaels will have a hole in his heart repaired! This dangerous surgery is just another thing Bret Michaels has to do in order for him to have a better edge on life! The singer is already plagued with various health problems!

According to The Post Chronicle, Bret Michaels’ health problems don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In April of this year, Michaels suffered a brain haemorrhage and was hospitalized for several weeks. During his hospital stay, Michaels suffered a minor stroke. To make matters worse, doctors later discovered a hole in his heart. Bret Michaels apparently had that condition since his birth!

One can assume with Michaels’ broken heart, it was probably difficult for him to find true love.

That may explain why he’s had hundreds of women come through his life. However, Michaels may just find women appealing and likes to have lots of them around. Either way, the heart surgery in January should repair his heart and give him a new lease on life!

Do you think he should slow down and take a break from performing and touring?

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