Bret Michaels Location revealed

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Bret Michaels whereabouts lately have been kept very hush hush and rightfully so.  The last thing he needs are people bum rushing the hospital he is in or trying to sneak into his room at night.  Despite the security risk, his representatives thought it would be a great idea to release this information.

According to his representatives he is currently being treated at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.  This is apparently one of the best neurological centers in the US, if not the entire world from what is printed about it.

Bret Michaels neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Zabramski was quoted saying Michaels’ condition is serious, and that “Bret’s sheer will to live and fully recover is undeniable.”

This is great news for Michaels’ family and friends.

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