Bret Michaels NEW Reality Show on VH1 – Should He Continue to Work?

Bret Michaels Pictures, Images and PhotosAfter an extremely difficult few months, Bret Michaels is finally bouncing back… but is it too much too soon? Recently Michaels announced he would be adding more dates to his tour against his doctor’s advice for him to slowdown.

It was just last month that Bret was re-hospitalized after suffering a minor stroke which lead to the discovery of a hole in his heart. Earlier in April, Michaels was hospitalized for a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.

Now following his win on Celebrity Apprentice, and his added shows is news that Michaels’ will have his own reality tv show courtesy of VH1. This new show will be called Life As I Know It and will be about the person behind the rockstar. Life As I Know It will follow Bret’s interactions with his family and children and will not focus on his professional life.

After everything that has happened to Michaels, I’m left wondering if he should continue to work but it’s his life and I’m sure he has access to the best doctors and thus if this is what he chooses to do, then so be it. Furthermore, a reality show about one’s personal life doesn’t seem like it would be that stressful to me.

What do you think? Should Bret Michaels just lead a quiet life or continue to work?


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