Bret Michaels Press Conference, May 4

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An update from Bret Michaels official website has informed his fans that there will be a press conference updating everyone on his current condition.  The update was posted sometime on April 29, and states the following:

We thank you for your continued support and well wishes.

Bret remains in critical condition in ICU under 24 hour supervision by doctors and medical staff. If a patient survives the initial rupture, the first 7 to 10 days after are the most critical as an additional rupture or other complications may arise.

Doctors are also continuing to treat Bret for the hyponatremia and today he will be undergoing more testing as well as an additional MRA.

There will be a press conference on Tuesday at which doctors who have been treating Bret will further explain his condition, treatment and prognosis.

Location and time of the press conference will be released Friday.


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