Bret Michaels says hemorrhage felt like gunshot.

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This is an account of what Bret Michaels experienced right before his brain hemorrhage.  I am highlighting in red the stuff that came from his own lips.  I just found it interesting and thought that I would share it with you.

According to Bret: he thought a burglar shot him in the back of the head, when he suffered a brain hemorrhage last month that left him in intensive care for nearly two weeks.

Bret told People magazine that the subarachnoid hemorrhage “sounded like a handgun, like it literally popped.”

“It made my mind go almost blank,” he said.  “My neck tensed up.  I couldn’t move my head at all.”

Bret also said: that after he experienced the sensation, he began pacing his living room then asked his girlfriend, to take him to the emergency room.

“I knew I was slurring my words, and I was like ‘OK, this isn’t a headache.  There’s something really bad happening,'” he said.

Bret recalled asking an emergency room doctor if he was going to die, and said: “I said in these exact words, ‘Am I dying?  If I’m dying, I want to see my kids, but if I have a chance, I don’t want them to see me in this condition.'”

He was admitted into a hospital April 22 and was later diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which causes bleeding in the fluid-filled spaces around the base of the brain.

It is said that Bret Michaels will receive therapy and will probably continue to suffer from severe pain for another 7 to 10 days as blood pooled under his brain dissolves.

“I’m a believer it’s a combination of will and good faith,” Bret said. “Will — and good medical attention — and faith.  It just wasn’t my time yet.  I really believe that.  If I had stayed on the couch for another hour, that probably would’ve done me in.  In a weird way, God intervened: The appendicitis forced me to come home for a couple of days.”

Bret told reporters that he plans to make a “positive bucket list” and wants to “continue to rock the world, and I want to continue to love my family and be a good father.”

According to his doctor, only about 20% percent make a full recovery from this type of hemorrhage.  According to Bret, he indeed is “lucky to be alive.”




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