Bret Michaels’ Tour Buses: Stop for the Broken Light, Stay for the Pot

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Bret Michaels’ roadies may have some explaining to do. Not to mention Bret Michaels.

Bret Michaels’ tour buses were pulled over Wednesday night in northeastern Indiana. Drug-sniffing dogs brought onto the two buses found marijuana and other drugs. The two tour buses were pulled over by Dekalb County police after a trailer was noticed as having no lights.

Bret Michaels, for his part, let the police and their dogs search his tour buses with no complaints. The pot and other drugs were confiscated. Nobody was arrested.

Bret’s need to slow it down and mellow out after his brain hemmorhage may or may not have to do with why the pot was on his tour buses. It sure seems to have helped him handle the cops politely.

What is left to wonder is whose pot it was on Bret Michaels’ tour buses. But then, he has roadies. Not much else to do aside from lug equpiment, set it up, and collect a paycheck.

Sources: E! Online, People
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