Bret Michaels Worries About His 10-Year-Old Diabetic Daughter’s Quality of Life

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Bret Michaels admits that he worries about the quality of life his 10-year-old diabetic daughter, Raine Sychak, will have. Michaels worries not just because he is her father. More than anyone, Bret should know the toll diabetes will have on a person because he too has the disorder.

Speaking about his daughter, Michaels said, “We are doing everything we can to support her in leading a normal, healthy, active life. I’m trying to be a good role model for her. What I want to do is to show her day in, day out, that diabetes doesn’t have to deter her from her dreams. And if she ever feels like she can’t do something because of her diabetes, that’s when I’ll feel like I’ve let her down.”

Well, it’s a good thing Raine is still so young because if she were older and ever saw one of Bret’s Rock of Love episodes, she may not think her father was being such a good role model. Anyway, maybe that was Michaels way of showing her that she can do anything, even classless reality TV.

Bret discussed with PARADE the challenges of living with diabetes and the everyday worries he suffers from. Michaels said, “It requires a lot of diligence and a lot of determination on my partÂ…”

Hopefully, Raine will learn to properly care for herself and her diabetes. With any luck, she won’t allow her Bret Michael’s worries to become her own and she won’t go on a skanky reality TV show either.

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