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There are both pros and cons to a Breville Juicer. The con… I don’t have as much time to write my reviews, my social life is taking off!  The pro… I have plenty to yelp about!!! (Pause) Wait a minute??? This doesn’t make any sense??? What does this juicer have to do with my social life? Absolutely nothing…at the moment anyway, unless, I invite a few friends over.  

What I meant to say was…that there are pros and cons to having an active social life! So the conclusion… I have a “boat-load” of stuff to yelp about over the next few weeks. Finding the time to do it…is going to be the problem. But I consider it a good problem to have.

Getting back to my review. As mentioned… I bought me a Breville JE95XL 850 Watts Juice Fountain Plus. This is an awesome machine and one of my favorites! I have used it at least twice a day so far and sometimes more. I never realized how good fresh juice could taste! Even the most odd contraptions that have I come up with is absolutely delicious!

I juiced some red cabbage, carrots and apples (all together) yesterday and it was so sweet and tasty, I had to make another batch! I have only been doing this for a couple of days and have already found myself wanting to drink less sodas and more juices. As you may know, it’s the best way to get your vitamins and nutrients right into your system.  

I also have noticed, that it has started to curve my appetite! Which will help eliminate those “love-handles” that have decided to move in on my turf and not let go!!!

This machine has two speeds and it literally takes just seconds to make a glass of juice. I love mixing different fruits, veggies, nuts and herbs together. I also, do my best to use only organic foods, so I am not grinding any pesticides lingering on the fruits and veggies during processing.

Clean up is also a breeze. It takes me about 10 minutes to clean the machine and get it ready for the next batch of juice. Yes…there might be some more expensive, quality machines out there, but for a beginner juicer like me, this is a very good, incredible machine to start with…

So… If you are looking for a good, better grade juicer under $200.00, try this Breville JE95XL 850 Watts Juice Fountain Plus. It will impress the “heck” out of you!!!



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