Breyerfest- The Overview: Part II!

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For Part I, see here!

When we left off, our heroes were sitting in a line of traffic, waiting to get into the Kentucky Horse Park for Breyerfest. Will they get in? Will they miss the Opening Ceremonies of the event? Will a parking pass cost 2.5 firsborn children?! Let’s find out!

My mom and I made it up to the gate, and we purchased a 3-day parking pass for $15. Much more affordable than 2.5 firstborn children, especially given that my mother’s firstborn is off dealing with his own kids, and I don’t plan on having any. Yep, I much prefer paying $15.

Sporting my Roxy badge and a Saturn for identification purposes

Anyway, we parked, and made our way into the Kentucky Horse Park! Woohoo! Sporting our Roxy buttons, the ‘ticket’ to get in, we took a moment to get sort-of-acclimated, and got our helpful Event Programs. We also got our first freebies… an adorable little Breyer plushie– Easter Bucky!

Ain’t he adorable?

We headed first to the covered arena to try and catch the Opening Ceremonies. We’d missed some of it, but we did get to see the main part, for which all of the special guest horses came out. Unfortunately, I found out quite quickly that getting decent photos in the arena was nearly impossible, with the lighting. You know what that means, though… TONS OF VIDEO! teehee ;)  I’m glad my camera has that function, and that I’d gotten a huuuuuge memory card for it.

Kuchi, First Gypsy Vanner horse born in the US

I was quite excited to see all of the guest horses. A great many of them have been made into Breyer models, so it was particularly neat to see them up close and personal! I’d been very excited to see Kuchi, a 10-year-old Gypsy Vanner mare who was the first of her breed born in the US. She was smaller than I thought she’d be… and utterly adorable!

Horrible lighting doesn’t do Kuchi justice!

After the opening ceremonies, my mom and I watched a little more of the entertainment, then painted ourselves some Stablemates models. Painting them there made me wish I had all of my delicate, tiny brushes, and more time to let things dry between stages of painting… I had been trying to replicate Sarge, and I think I have a bit more work to do on it now that I’m home. My mom’s came out very nice, though!

“Sarge”, and my mom’s… Sarge will be touched up soon!

After we’d finished painting (or as finished as it was going to get at that point!) we headed up to the stabling area to meet some of the guest horses. I managed to get photos with both Bluegrass Bandit (A Tennessee Walking Horse who I have a model of) and Kuchi. Bluegrass Bandit was so sweet and calm despite the crowds… her owner let you walk right up to her open stall and hold her by the halter to get photos. Seeing Kuchi up close was also amazing… she, too, was very sweet. I was thrilled to be standing next to her, as the Gyspy Vanner breed is one of my favorites.

Kuchi and her owner greet the admiring fans

They had quite a few other guest horses, too, including Blue Steel Man or Blue Jeans– the horse from the Hannah Montana movie, Tommie Turvey’s “equine actors”, Bold’s Obsession– a retired police horse, and Whizard’s Babydoll, or Roxy, who was the Celebration Horse, featured on the pins you had to wear to get in, and also given out in model form to everyone with a 3-day ticket.

Tommie Turvey & Ace performing


That’s it for Part II, but keep an eye out for more articles, photos & video from my BreyerFest adventure! (Believe me, I’ve got a ton to post!)

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