Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox in new Funny or Die video – CA education budget cuts

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A new Funny or Die video features Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green.  The skit takes place at a California Elementrary school which is full of kids, but not enough teachers.  The concept is about Governor Schwarzenegger and budget cuts which include the education program.  The students have no nurse, janitorial staff or teachers so Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green take over.  The Funny or Die skit is called “Hot for Teachers.”

As the ad ends, Brian Austin Green states that millions of students including his son are under attack by the Terminator.  The website they give for more information is  Megan Fox tells everyone to “call, write and annoy the governor until he cries for his mommy.”  Apparently they have a petition going as well for this cause which will be sent to the Governor’s office on April 21, 2010.

The Brian Austin Green – Megan Fox Funny or Die is one of many videos on the site.  One of the other well known vids features Saturday Night Live alumni as various presidents past and present.  It’s good to see Brian Austin Green and girlfriend Megan Fox doing something for a cause, although Fox’s acting skills still need some improvement.

Check out the new FunnyorDie video “Hot for Teachers” starring Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green below!

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