Brian Wilson – Who is “The Machine”? (video of “The Machine”)

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During last night’s Giants NLCS victory celebration closer Brian Wilson casually mentioned “The Machine” in an interview with Fox’s Chris Rose. A Champagne soaked Wilson said, “The Machine will say all he needs to say when he makes an appearance again.” Rose, shaking his head, calmly responds with “We don’t need to take The Machine on National TV.”

That begs the question: Who or What is “The Machine”?

The Machine first made his appearance as part of a prank Wilson pulled on that very same Chris Rose during a Cheap Seats interview earlier in the season. The original interview is shown in the video below. The Machine emerges at the 43 second mark of the video.

That Gimp-looking S&M guy you see stroll by in the background is actually based off of a character named “The Machine” from the awful Nicolas Cage movie 8MM.

Wilson again made reference to The Machine during a hilarious September 3, 2010 interview with Jim Rome on Rome is Burning. Near the end of the interview Wilson first faked a cell phone call with The Machine (on a huge cell phone from the 80s no less) and then pulled The Machine’s S&M mask out of his back pocket. A shocked Rome had no idea what was going on and quickly wrapped up the interview. See the interview below.

We can only hope The Machine makes another appearance during the World Series.

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