Brides Go to Extremes with Feeding Tube Diet: What Are the Risks?

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A woman’s wedding day is often the most important day of her life. Brides want to look their best and many will try to lose weight to fit into a wedding dress. Some brides are going to extremes to get into that dress – dieting by using a feeding tube.

It’s called the K-E Diet and claims to let the dieter lose 20 pounds in 10 days. An attractive prospect for those who fail at conventional diets. The mixture patients are given in the tube equals a total of 800 calories a day and supposedly staves off hunger pangs while dieting. Is 800 calories enough to sustain a healthy person?

Bride Jessica Schnaider used the diet saying she didn’t have time to exercise and plan her upcoming wedding. She also said she was drained emotionally and complained of fatigue while using the feeding tube.

Schnaider ended up losing 10 pounds, but how long will the weight stay off? The K-E Diet is such a quick fix, some people might choose to diet that way instead of eating right and exercising. The long-term effects may be harmful to the user’s health. This sounds like just another fad diet and it may not give the desired results in the long run.

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