Brigitte Nielsen Proud to be Called a Happy Home Wrecker?

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Actress Brigitte Nielsen is not ashamed to admit that she and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair while he was dating soon-to-be ex-wife Maria Shriver. Why? Because she’ll do whatever it takes at this point in her failing career to keep her name in the press.

The celebrity scandal has landed the D-Listed celebrity’s name in the spotlight of entertainment news all week since the action adventure movie actor confirmed he claim the two knocked boots in the past.

The fact she claimed she had an affair with him has not earned her as much notoriety as his admission that the story she told was, in fact, correct.

Celeb gossip sites like The Daily Beast have been all over the story, covering the “breaking news story” in depth. “Brigitte Nielsen affair confirmed in Arnold Schwarzenegger book” proclaims the headlines in mainstream media outlet the LA Times.

Even USA Today just ran a piece about his new memoir and the affair. They quoted him as saying, “You can’t run from your mistakes…” (which in all actuality is reasonably hilarious to hear coming from any high-profile celeb).

Arnold Schwarzenegger was forced to admit he had a tryst with the buxom blonde after she jumped on the media bandwagon and threw him under the bus when news broke that he had fathered a love child out of wedlock with his wife’s maid. “What a good friend to him she’s been!” said no one, ever, out of all the people who know them.

Vienna 2012-02-15 Lugner City - Brigitte Nielsen 103sAt the time Arnold’s wife Maria and their children were hurting most, Nielsen elected to play tattle tale about her hot and heavy affair with the leading man. The ex-wife of actor Sylvester Stallone showed no particular shame when she confessed their dirty deeds to the press — and pulled very few punches. Aside from publishing pictures, she let everyone know that she was excited to have fooled around with such a famously married man.

Schwarzenegger really kept his mouth shut back in the day about his love affair with the 6 foot 1 inch tall celebrity and did not change his pattern of silence when she first outed him to the press. But once it became clear there was no reconciliation with his estranged wife in site, he elected to confess all his sins — including his affair with the glamazon — in a new book called “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”.

In the book, he confirmed that he did in fact sleep with Nielsen and seemed to indicate the romp was epic. But, he was clear to point out that the affair happened while the celebrity couple was filming the action film “Red Sonja” back in 1985 — and that it did not happen while he was married.

“Nielsen, age 49, has been married five times and has four kids. She and Mario Dessi, 15 years her junior, were wed in 2006…” says the LA Times. They omitted the fact that she also had a long time love affair with rapper Flava Flav — a romance that blossomed on reality TV.

Proud of landing Conan the Barbarian in the sack and shameless about the harm she may have caused Maria Shriver and the Governators children with her admission, Nielsen says, “We wanted to try everything, and so we did… There were no restrictions, no promises, nothing, and it was a great time in my life.”

What do you think, readers? Is she a heroine for speaking the truth or should she be ashamed of herself for her own willingness to kiss and tell? Let other readers know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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