Bringing Nature Indoors

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Bringing Nature indoors

The colder days are here, its time to bring nature indoors. Bring in those plants you wish to keep blooming throughout the winter months.


Enjoy the last few weeks of Fall, by taking a nice long walk out in nature. Bring home a little piece of each element.

From the Ocean: gather some shells, stones, beach wood, dry seaweed and some sand. It isn’t a good idea to bring home salt water, it smells after a while.

From River, lakes and streams: pond rocks, falling branches, flowers, leaves, pinecones and some dirt around the water.

* note: water holds emotions of the past and present, recording it like a voice recording. After visualizing a white light around you, and summoning up energy.. Place your hands ontop of the water, and release healing energy and prayers for sorrow to find peace.

From forest areas: falling branches, flowers, herbs, weeds, branches of white pine. don’t take any nuts or berries, please leave them for the animals. They will need them for food during the colder months.

Thank nature for their gifts, by leaving offerings to the animals.

My family leaves, corn bread and mixed seeds and nuts and an occasional beer poured out onto the ground around trees.

This is also a great time for kids to leave the gnome houses and baskets.

A great site to visit is Susan weeds, lots of great information on locally grown weeds, how to identify them, and how to use them.


Once home with all your gifts from nature, pick up each piece and feel the energy, merging your inner energy with its. Thank each peace for coming into your home, with peace.

Then adorn your home décor with nature.


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