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I’ve always enjoyed the excitement inherent in creating new lives. They can be people as real as you or me for the moments they live in my imagination, and then they can be forgotten for a while. Owongo is one of those. He lived way back in the earliest days of intelligent life on Earth, longer ago than you can imagine and possibly longer ago that anthropologists would believe possible, and he did stuff and thought and talked to his ugly wife Mirumda. The following links are the stories (all short) about him that I’ve posted on gather to date. Just click on the links (if you haven’t already) and be transported off to long ago and far away…

Because there are always curious newcomers on sites like this I thought I’d provide you with a nice tidy list of clickable links. I’ll try and do it every half dozen or so tales, though at the moment I haven’t any idea whether there’ll be any more, and if so, how many!!

Of This and that and Long Ago.

The Shoulders of Giants

Fire from the Gods

The Ancient Fat Cat

A Strange Awakening

How the Pen got its Ink.

Research Notes regarding my Ancestor Owongo.

Eat Your Heart out, Thomas Crapper

The Lovely Close Shave

The Very First Chef ever

Doctor Owongo

Owongo’s Ancient Olympics

Eat Your Heart Out, Mr Hoover.

Owongo’s Mushroom Nightmare

Camping Ahoy!

The Weather Forecaster

Frozen Nadgers

The Sorry Hills of Mourn

Idle Chatter

Owongo and a Dose of Flu.

A Question of Hygiene

A Soap Opera

The Winter of Discontent

The Original Compleat Angler

Ready for Bed

Of Heaven and Stuff

As of this moment the list is comprehensive, but who can speak for tomorrow? They’re in the order they were written, so you can’t expect much in the way of chronological accuracy!

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