Bristol Palin And The Bar Full Of Nacho Cheese

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While the title might sound like a Harry Potter title, Bristol Palin claims that she only had nacho’s during a segment of Dancing With The Stars, during which she was filmed with her dance partner inside Rumrunner’s Old Towne Bar and Grill in Alaska. There is an investigation being performed by a State of Alaska investigator, as to whether Palin was legally in the establishment.

She may be dancing her way toward a hot new body, but Bristol Palin still satisfies her fast food cravings. The Dancing with the Stars contestant took a friend for lunch at McDonald s Wednesday afternoon in LA, where she devoured a delicious, though questionably nutritious, salad from the fast food eatery. Despite her increasing celebrity and new Hollywood lifestyle, it looks like Palin still longs for the comforts of her simple life in Alaska, where McDonalds was most likely a cornerstone of her rural life. Fame Pictures, Inc According to state law, Bristol Palin would only be allowed into Rumrunner’s if the place is actually a restaurant, and not classified as a bar. What we wonder is, who decided that this really needed to be investigated? Looking at the pictures, she is clearly not drinking a beer or a alcoholic beverage. She has nachos in front of her and there are coke glasses surrounding her. So where is the foul? According to TMZ, Palin had permission to be in Rumrunner’s, and was with an adult. Unless people are looking to hate on her due to her mother being Sara Palin, this shouldn’t even be an issue. Actually it shouldn’t be an issue regardless.

Until Bristol is of legal age, maybe it would be best for her to stick to McDonald’s, like in the photo above. What do you think? Please chime in with a comment or two.

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