Bristol Palin back with “Baby Daddy” Levi Johnston?

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BLOOMINGTON, MN- SEPTEMBER 03: Levi Johnston and his girlfriend Bristol Palin, daughter of vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, as presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain arrives at the Minneapolis/St Paul International airport September 3, 2008 in BloomfiMinnesota. McCain arrived for his appearance at the Republican National Convention. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A source told that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are spending more time together. Are they a couple again? “”Now that Mama [Sarah] Palin is out of the picture and Bristol is on her own in Anchorage, they spend more time together than most people think… Levi even stays overnight. I even think they are back together,” the source is quoted as saying.

Funny how “kids” tend to behave differently when mom’s away. If what the sources say is true, then Bristol’s snubbing of Levi when Madame Sarah is around may be, to a great extent, Sarah-influenced. Sarah’s not going to be happy with this news. Especially since she had her husband built a fence around their Wasilla, Alaska home to keep any family dirt from being exposed to the world through author and new neighbor, Joe McGinniss. Oopsie!

Vice Presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2nd L), holding her son Trig, greets boyfriend of her daughter Bristol, Levi Johnston, as daughter Willow looks on after Palin spoke on the third day of the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota on September 3, 2008. (UPI Photo/Brian Kersey) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - AUGUST 09: Comedian Kathy Griffin (R) and Levi Johnston arrive at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 9, 2009 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

If the couple wants to try to make it work, they will probably need to move away from the watchful eye of Sarah. But, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Especially since Kathy Griffin hinted, on the Today show this morning, that Johnston may have a crush on her. Watch.

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