Bristol Palin Denies Having Plastic Surgery

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Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin and ex Dancing with the Stars contestant, denies going under the knife. However, just taking a look at her now versus a year ago shows that there have been some drastic changes. It’s been a rumor for a little over a week that the single mother had plastic surgery to give her jawline and cheekbones a new look.

One news source says Bristol Palin claims she did undego jaw surgery, but it was done so to correct her teeth so they could properly realign. Hmm, sure, Bristol. She’s soon to be the star of another reality television series, as it is appears to be a family tradition as of late. A little taste of stardom may have propelled Bristol into the desire to want to be a part of the plastic surgery culture. Who knows, maybe she’s being truthful and she had bad teeth, but from the looks of her photos, the mouth hasn’t changed and there is an obvious change in the shape of her eyes.

Maybe this jaw realignment she’s talking about started at her forehead? Hey, not everyone may agree with plastic surgery, but there really is no shame in it. And really, Bristol, it isn’t like people can’t notice. It isn’t like you just had a nip here or a tuck there and just woke up and said “What, I naturally look like this.” There is an obvious change, and it looks like a lot more than a trip to the dentist is the culprit.

Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery

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