Bristol Palin Expects More ‘Lies’ in Levi Johnston Book

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Bristol Palin is promoting her new book, but is stuck fielding questions about Levi Johnston’s new book. On a recent stop on the Tonight Show, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant admitted that she expects her ex Levi to dig up all sorts of trash. She, however, didn’t go as far as admitting that Levi raped her when she had her virginity “stolen.”

Bristol Palin by Gage SkidmoreOf course, Jay Leno wanted to know if Bristol Palin even thought that Levi Johnston was capable of reading, yet alone writing a book. Bristol exclaimed:

He’s gonna have to find a screenwriter or something to come up with more obnoxious lies, so I’m not worried about it.

Bristol expects what she calls “lies” to show up in the book, but she says that Levi is not smart enough to come up with the lies himself. Johnston has to hire someone to write the lies for him. Ouch.

At least Bristol Palin admits in her book that she “lied” to her mother about sneaking out of the house and losing her virginity, so she can spot a lie when she sees (or reads) it, that’s for sure. This is a common theme throughout Palin’s book and book tour.

Then again, one thing that she never does is call the sex with Levi is rape. He may have “stolen” her virginity as she claims in her book, but she never once goes down the road of the “R” word. Not in her book, and not with Leno.

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