Bristol Palin has moved to Arizona!

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Well that was fast! Teen activist Bristol Palin has moved to Arizona. The move was a bit sooner than people had expected, but she is here in the contingent 48! There were rumors that Bristol was having trouble with her ex Levi Johnston regarding their son and the big move, but evidently they worked something out.

Bristol Palin Pictures, Images and Photos“Bristol took title to the five-bedroom, 4,000-sq.-ft. home for $172,000. She paid cash for the house that had sold for almost twice that much just three years earlier,” confirms Radar Online.

Naturally, there has to be a reason for Palin’s move away from her family and friends, and it’s believed that she is going to attend college in AZ.

It seems like a strange move for Bristol to take her son and leave everything that she’s known. It’s interesting that she chose Arizona and not Los Angeles, meaning her stint on Dancing with the Stars didn’t blind her with fame.

She may do just fine on her own–heck, she had a cool job offer at a radio station before she even moved in!

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