Bristol Palin Headed for a Sun Devil Future at ASU?

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Bristol Palin–DWTS veteran, single mom and daughter of Sarah Palin–may be planning to attend Arizona State University this coming semester. Speculation is hot, since Bristol just plunked down most of her Dancing With the Stars earnings on a 3,900-square-foot house, some 2,000+ miles southeast of Wasilla, Alaska. According to TMZ, Bristol Palin has told friends she is thinking seriously of attending an Arizona school, rather than returning to her job as a dental receptionist in Wasilla. Many Alaskans have that southwestern dream, and she now has the means to make it a reality. ASU is just a few miles from the house already bought–a foreclosure property she paid for in cash. A great bargain.

ASU School of Broadcasting

Bristol Palin

ASU would have advantages for Bristol Palin, because she has said she is interested in public speaking, continues TMZ. She has experience–if not college credentials–because she has spent a great deal of time giving talks on teen abstinence. And there has certainly been plenty of public speaking in the family. Someone might as well earn a degree in it. Makes sense, right? Anyway, Arizona State has a well-known and respected School of Broadcasting, which might very be interested in a celeb in the student body.

ASU Withheld Honorary Degree

Last May, President Barack Obama gave the ASU commencement address. Conferring an honorary degree is fairly customary, but the Arizona State Board of Regents–or whoever makes these decisions–withheld that honor. Reports Hollywood Life, it seems they didnÂ’t think he had achieved enough in his career. Winning the Presidency isnÂ’t enough? Oh, well, this is John McCain land, after all. But the interesting situation may just give another boost toward making a Sun Devil of Bristol Palin. Stay tuned.

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