Bristol Palin Hounds Levi Johnston for More Child Support

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Bristol Palin — daughter of Sarah Palin, of course — is after her baby daddy, Levi Johnston. According to Johnston’s lawyer, Levi made next to nothing in the way of income over the last few years and shouldn’t have to pay $1,688.42 a month in child support. But Bristol says Levi is a big ole liar — and that he made about $101,000 just last year.

Who’s wrong, and who’s lying? Clearly someone is. So Palin’s lawyer issues subpoenas today to CNN, Playgirl, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Star Magazine, and National Enquirer, asking for hard figures on how much they paid Levi. Guess the truth will come out soon enough.

Here’s the one piece of evidence the Palin team already has against Levi: he claimed in legal docs that he made no more than $10,000 a year prior to 2009. But Palin’s lawyer now has a pay stub from 2008, showing that Levi raked in $18,594.50 from one employer alone — a construction company in Alaska. *cue dramatic music*

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