Bristol Palin Needs Levi’s OK to Move Son to Arizona

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Bristol Palin, 20, owns a house in Arizona, and she’s a likely bet to enter Arizona State U for the coming semester, but son Tripp is not yet good to go. It’s that sole custody nightmare single mothers—and fathers—go through every time they plan to relocate, or sometimes even plan a a trip. Baby Daddy Levi Johnston has to approve the move. Tripp, who just turned two last month, couldFile:Bristol Palin.jpg be a little blond hostage. Are Bristol’s place in the sun as well as her educational needs in jeopardy?

Actually, it may not be a problem. Levi’s rep—few of Alaska’s men have “reps”, but evidentally Levi does—has told TMZ that “Levi is not at all upset that Bristol is going to Arizona.” He suggested they would get together after the holidays to discuss the matter. So far, there has been no word on this any day now, unless she has to go to court.

The major factor seems to be—and this is pure Levi Johnston—who is going to pay for Levi to fly back and forth to Arizona, when he wants to see his son? Should Bristol Palin be responsible? Is that the way it works? Does Johnston have any serious plans for the future? Maybe another modeling gig? Does he even care?

Most people, pro- or anti-Sarah Palin, are behind Bristol Palin, in her efforts to get a degree and create an independent life for herself and her son. It would be a shame if Levi were able to mess that up for her. Sunny Oglesby, JohnstonÂ’s new girl friend might play a role, but so far she has been encouraging him to see his son more often, says Popeater. On his own, he tends to let months go by. That could change, if a play date included a trip to Phoenix.

At least, the sun should be shining. Good luck, Bristol–and Tripp, too.

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