Bristol Palin: Plastic Surgery or Weight Loss?

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Bristol Palin appeared at the Candie’s Foundation 2011 “Event To Prevent” benefit last night with a brand new face.

The reality star and daughter of the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was last in the public eye as a contestant on last year’s season of Dancing with the Stars. The show often results in its star performers losing a good deal of weight and shaping up over the course of the competition, but the oldest Palin daughter was ridiculed for instead having gained quite a lot of weight on the show. Her weight gain was so drastic that more than a few media outlets were speculating about a possible second pregnancy for Bristol. last night, a brand new Bristol Palin emerged at the Candie’s benefit. Her lips are bigger, her chin massively more prominent, and her eyes seem bigger. Speculation is that she had neck liposuction, lip injections, a chin implant, botox, and perhaps even a face lift, which has changed the appearance of her once deep-set eyes.

Often a transformation like this can be the result of dramatic weight loss, but based on a comparison of before and after pictures, it doesn’t appear that Palin has lost any weight. Her new (very pretty) face seems to be the result of combining a reality show paycheck with a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office.

So far, as anyone knows, Bristol Palin hasn’t answered any questions about her new look. Let’s hope she does soon—curious minds want to know the details!

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