Bristol Palin Renting Out Arizona Home to Star in Reality TV Show

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Wow, Bristol Palin sure did not live in Arizona for very long. She put her home in the state up for rent. She only briefly lived in the 4,000 square-foot house outside of Phoenix in Maricopa.

Bristol Palin Renting Out Arizona HomePerhaps Bristol got wind of her mom Sarah Palin’s mortgage fraud issues and decided that being a young mom, she needed to live closer to her mother. Of course, the quick move could also have to do with her new reality show.

Bristol Palin stars in an unnamed reality show for the Bio Channel that chronicles her move from the great wide open Alaska to Los Angeles. (Culture shock anyone?) Interestingly, she and her son will live with Kyle and Christopher Massey in L.A. while she works for a small charity. What a strange move.

The home, which the former Dancing With The Stars contestant bought last year for $172,000, has five rooms and is on the market for $1,400 a month. It seems that Bristol Palin will also be a landlord now. She wears many hats these days.

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