Bristol Palin Rocks with Love, Son Tripp, and Thick Skin

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Bristol Palin, 20, has all she needs. Her life rocks. She has a new/old love, a really smart son Tripp, and a thick skin, so criticism rolls off. What else does an Alaska girl living in the Arizona sunshine really require? Not much, evidently, according to a recent E!Online interview.

Take love, first. Her new beau is an Alaskan oil-rigger named Gino Paoletti. “He’s a good guy,” Bristol says. “He’s a family guy…He loves Tripp and he’s just awesome to be around.” And another strong point in this close-knit family—her parents like him a lot. This one seems to be a keeper, but in the interview, Bristol says they both want to wait on marriage and more kids.  That sort of contradicts gossip going around. Hey, nothing new there.File:Bristol Palin headshot.jpg

Next, son Tripp. He’s really smart. Bristol Palin definitely thinks so, “but maybe I am biased just because I am his mom,” she said. “But no, he’s really smart.” He’s already in swimming and ice skating lessons, but portable, since he’s not yet in school. That’s convenient. “I know that God’s plan for me was to have Tripp.” That’s convenient, too, since so many of her mom’s followers think God’s plan is to never have sex outside of marriage.

Finally, Bristol really needs that thick skin she says she has, to fend off snarky comments like the one above. She especially needs Teflon skin to handle negative publicity about her mother, especially the sexy Tracy Morgan jokes. There, thick didn’t work so well. “My cheeks are red,” she says.

On the job front, things are still in negotiation. Bristol Palin doesnÂ’t even know what kind of music the station she might DJ for plays. Does she listen? WouldnÂ’t you? Oh, well. SheÂ’ll get there. Rock on.

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