Bristol Palin Salary Huge for Teen Pregnancy Work

Bristol Palin’s salary numbers for her teen pregnancy work were revealed, and they are quite impressive.  If you heard how many thousands that Palin was making during her time on “Dancing With the Stars,” you already know how much money she has been bringing in.  This new number though, is more than most families in the United States take home yearly.

In 2009 Palin started working for The Candie’s Foundation where she took on the role of a spokesperson for a teen pregnancy prevention campaign.  During that year alone, of which she didn’t even work the full year, she earned $262,000.  Nope, there aren’t any extraneous digits in that number, it is what documents show she truly made by simply being a spokesperson.

Setting aside the debate about her ability to take on a role like this and actually make a difference in the lives of others, she certainly struck while the timing was right.  It is now much easier to see how she was able to afford her own house in Arizona so quickly, and why she was more than willing to move away from mother Sarah Palin to get her own life back on track.

This just goes to show that there are definitely opportunities out there for people who don’t finish high school, and it’s at least good to see that she has made enough to help her son Tripp live a comfortable life.

How do you feel about the amount that Palin made?  Does she deserve to be so handsomely paid for her speeches?


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