Bristol Palin Says She’s Not Homophobic; Do You Believe Her?

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Bristol Palin is back in the news for two reasons. The first is because she’s been chosen as one of the contestants in the upcoming Dancing With the Stars all-star season. And the second is because of recent comments she’s made about homosexuals.

According to a report from TV Guide, Bristol recently made some comments about same-sex marriage that might not sit well with some of her DWTS fellow dancers. In an attempt to defend her comments, she said something that Profile Picturefurther proves why she shouldn’t be in the limelight.

“I like gays. I’m not a homophobic, and I’m so sick of people saying that,” Palin said. “Just because I’m for traditional marriage doesn’t mean I’m scared or anything of anyone else. And I don’t hate anybody. People are gonna make up stuff about me no matter what. And whatever. I’m gonna go dance and I’m gonna have fun. … It’s not about politics. It’s not about traditional marriage or anything like that. It’s about dancing. That’s all I have to say about it.”

Bristol Palin claims it’s just fine with her if she’s paired with a gay man as her partner on Dancing With the Stars. What will mom Sarah Palin say, however?

Do you think Bristol fully grasps what she’s saying, or is she simply mirroring the cliché statements she’s heard at home?

Are you happy that Sarah Palin’s daughter will soon be back on DWTS?

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