Bristol Palin Shops at Arizona Walmart

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Bristol Palin needs a lot of stuff, to outfit her new Arizona pad. Walmart has it all! Household things, such as dishes and sheets and towels, come in really handy in a new home. Toddler toys and bedding and probably diapers will be required to make Tripp feel at home. Maybe some simple furniture.

And let’s face it. The shopping she was used to in Wasilla and Juneau, Alaska, is not up to normal celeb standards—no Nordstrom, no Pottery Barn, no Neiman Marcus. Phoenix, of course, has all those places, but Bristol is not an “ordinary” celeb. She knows how to adapt to the situation. She already spent all her DWTS earnings on the house, which was a great bargain. What to do now? Look for more bargains, of course. All the things that Bristol needs most, plus a few million other things, are avFile:Bristol Palin headshot.jpgailable at Walmart.

And isn’t it fun to wear shorts in January while you shop? Bristol Palin was spotted—and photographed, reports TMZ—doing the Walmart experience with an unidentified older friend, baby-sitter, or relative.

There is still no official word on the deal Bristol made with Tripp’s daddy, Levi Johnston, over visitation and tickets to Arizona and what-not. It’s pretty sure she did not go to court, because that would take longer—unless, of course, Grandma is the ex-governor. But Johnston was not too regular with his visits anyway, so probably, no problem. Don’t forget to pick up some sun block, Bristol Palin. Walmart has that, too.

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