Bristol Palin to Run for Office?

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Is it wise for Bristol Palin to run for office? Wisdom seems to have little to do with Palin’s recent interview with “E-Online.” She is definitely considering a possible run in the future, and she is not shying away from supporting her mother as a presidential candidate either. The younger Palin has been a lightning rod for controversy almost as much as her mother, Sarah Palin, and maybe both she and her mother should avoid the limelight for a few months and even years.

As a “Dancing with the Stars” finalist, Palin received a lot of criticism for her weight and lack of dancing talent, but that didn’t stop her from forging ahead. Some even accused her of getting as far as she did on the show because of political right wing support. It may be going to her head that she received so much public support on the show, but that is a far cry from running for political office.

Bristol Palin talked about her future political ambitions as well as her life with Tripp. She and her mother appear to be making a farce of their celebrity and political status, and all the Palins just need to give politics a rest for a while. Bristol Palin may think she would be well received as a political candidate, but many Republicans and Democrats alike don’t want her to run.


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