Bristol Palin’s DWTS Dance Causes Wis. Man to Shoot His TV

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You can’t make up headlines like this. A Wisconsin man apparently got so enraged by Bristol Palin’s “Dancing With the Stars” routine Monday night that he took his shotgun and blasted his television set! America, you really should’ve voted Bristol off already!

Steven Cowan of Vermont, Wisconsin came home from the bar Monday night and sat down with his wife to watch DWTS. When Cowan saw Bristol Palin start to dance, he jumped out of his chair and started swearing. According to the Associated Press, his wife Janice told police he was upset that a political figure’s daughter was dancing on TV when he felt she didn’t have talent.

Sane people make snarky comments during DWTS about Bristol Palin’s dancing or change the channel for five minutes if they dislike it. Steven Cowan came back 20 minutes later with his shotgun. His wife said he was “raging” with his face bright red. He then shot the television and pointed the gun at her, demanding she fetch his pistols. Their daughter had recently taken away his handguns for safekeeping.

Janice Cowan ran from her husband’s Bristol Palin-on-DWTS-induced television-shooting rage, going to an attorney’s office to call the police. She explained that he suffers from bipolar depression and has threatened her life before. Why she’s still married to him has to be love. A lesser relationship would’ve shattered under that strain.

Bristol Palin still being on “Dancing With the Stars” despite being the worst dancer this season has made a lot of people frustrated. Shooting their television like that Wisconsin man did hasn’t crossed their minds, though. Say what you will about whether it’s Tea Party fanatics or or a sympathy vote, shooting the television over Bristol Palin’s dancing is proof the man needs better psychiatric care.

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