Bristol Palin’s First “Modest” Costume for DWTS – Modest or Not?

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Early on Bristol Pailin vowed that she would not wear sexy and reveling costumes. Instead, she said she’d be sporting ‘modest’ dance wear, which very well could be a first in all of the show’s 11 seasons.

The first photos have come out of Bristol’s costume for Dancing With The Stars, and the question everyone is asking is “Is it modest?”

The promo photos show Bristol, leg up in partner Mark Ballas’ hand. Bristol is wearing a longer length dress, which has lacy panels here and there the bottom is trimmed with a leg-brushing fringe. It also allows for quite a bit of leg to show. OMG has another shot of the costume the shows the front as being completely lacy covered with a fringe (which will undoubtedly shift whilst dancing and possibly reveal even more)

“We did our title shoot today so I got all glammed up and stuff, but I’m definitely excited to wear all those. I know that mine will be the most conservative and I will be the most dressed,” Palin, 19, told Us Monday night. “That’s because that’s how I am and that’s how I want to dress. But it’ll be good, all the rhinestones and spray tans, that will be fun.”

Modest is something that will vary person to person as we all have differing morals. However, there are also some standards that most could agree would serve well for modest wear. Such as not being overly short, not revealing too many bodily areas and so on. So, does this costume count as modest, or has Bristol already broken her promise?

It seems that most would have thought that she’d be more… covered when she made that statement. Is this Bristol’s idea of modest, or was she somehow roped into something a bit more revealing by the DWTS staff? We may never know the answer to that, but one thing is certain, people will likely be tuning in to see Bristol’s next ‘modest’ costume choice.

What do you think of her sexy lace and fringed dress? Classy or is it  far too revealing to qualify as modest?

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