Bristol Palin’s Reality Show — Not All That Real

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Word has it that Bristol Palin’s new reality show isn’t all that real. Now that’s a shocker, isn’t it? Are there any reality shows that hone in on much at all that’s real? The actual term “reality show” is an oxymoron of sorts. If it’s “reality,” why is there a “show” to display it all? Why not simply let reality be what it is?

According to the Huffington Post, a few of the scenes that Palin, her son Tripp, and one of the Massey brothers were shooting for the show took place in and around L.A. A baby supply store and a fast food joint proved the least real of all the scenes.

Bristol Palin, with baby Tripp in tow, along with Kyle Massey go into the baby store to buy who knows what, but the shots are just too perfect. The camera doesn’t simply catch a purchase and polite interaction with a salesperson, but rather perfectly posed shots aimed directly at the cameras. That’s real—right?

At the fast food joint, Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey spend a ridiculous amount of time in an attempt at ordering some lunch. Again those cameras took precedence over dining, so the scene comes off as staged—which of course, it is. But reality is staged, too, isn’t it?

It seems that little Tripp Palin came way closer than Kyle Massey or Bristol Palin at pulling off a sense of reality. It seems the little boy pitched a bit of a typical 2-year-old fit when removed from an electric horse before he deemed it was time to do so.

So what do you think? Does any of this entice any interest for watching Bristol Palin’s new reality show when it debuts on the BIO channel? If your answer is no, rest assured, you’re not alone.

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