Britney Spears – Cover up that Va Jay Jay! – *CROTCH SHOT PHOTOs*

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So we have all heard Britney Spears sing and that girl has got some vocal chords but good lord, wear some underwear! Check out the up skirt pictures someone took of Britney Spears when she was out and about with Paris Hilton. I know it’s been quite awhile but I doubt Va Jay Jays change much in looks.  My eyes! My poor eyes! Britney Spear’s Va Jay Jay looks like a monster and if I haven’t seen these photos, I know some of you out there haven’t as well!

Now that I’ve seen how Britney Spears Va Jay Jay looks, I’m not sure I could listen to her music. At least not for a while, especially when every time someone brings up Britney Spears, all I can envision is her horrid looking “jewel” she owns.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter how ugly her private parts are. She can still sing and yeah, aside from the way the Va Jay Jay looks, she can still rock some cool outfits! I remember back in the old days when I saw Britney Spears. I always thought she had a hot body, up until now!

Seeing Britney’s vagina was TOO much for me. NOTHING SEXY about it!

Thank Goodness, she’s learned to wear underwear now!

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