Britney Spears Custody of her Children No Longer an Issue

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Britney Spears has regained custody of her two sons after she and Kevin Federline have reached an agreement. Federline has had custody of the boys since 2008. Two years ago, Spears was behaving strangely, and the courts feared she had a psychiatric disorder. Spears had shaved her hair off, and doctors admitted her not once but twice to a mental hospital.

Britney Spears lost custody of her two sons, 5 year-old Sean Preston and 4 year-old Jayden. Spears is now looking much better. Britney has worked hard to regain her reputation as a worthy mother. She appears to have conquered her demons. Now, her children will be the better for it.

Kevin Federline agrees to the new custody arrangement with Britney. Children need both parents, and the split between the parents is hard enough on kids without losing the mother all together. So congratulations to Britney Spears for getting her life together so quickly and more importantly, regaining custody of her children. 


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